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  • Hollywood’s Best-Known Jewels

    March 27, 2016

    In many cases, movies have intentionally or unintentionally highlighted particular brands. For instance, it’s impossible to think of the movie ET without thinking about Reese’s Pieces. But, did you ever think about what jewels or jewelry items gained fame because they were highlighted in a movie? While there are plenty of movies that feature jewels, here are five of the most iconic movie jewels or pieces ever. How many do you remember?

    Scarlett’s Brooch

    The cameo brooch in “Gone with the Wind” may be the most iconic piece of mourning gear ever worn. This large, cameo brooch is an eye catcher for sure but somehow understated at the same time. The cameo is a classic piece that can be worn today just as readily as it was back when GwtW was set.

    The One Ring

    It would be hard to create this list without the One Ring from Lord of the Rings. Without the ring, there would be no story! While the gold band was relatively simple, there was something magical about it that made it impossible to resist. While you may not want a ring that has THAT kind of power, there are plenty of options in etched gold bands that can make you feel like you wield a bit of magic.

    The Pretty Woman Necklace

    The necklace scene in Pretty Woman is one that few people ever forget. For good reason too. The ruby and diamond necklace is the epitome of a signature piece. With an estimated value of over $1.25 million, this necklace may be a bit out of the reach of most buyers. Luckily, the beauty of diamonds and rubies are available in other pieces too. Tiffany & Co., for instance, has several pieces featuring diamonds and rubies together.

    Marilyn’s Diamonds

    Marilyn Monroe’s clothing and jewelry choices for Gentleman Prefer Blondes is truly iconic. There are few photos as memorable as Ms. Monroe decked out in her pink satin dress and opulent diamond necklace. The diamond necklace featured in the movie is a storied piece that has existed for over 700 years, even being worn by Marie Antoinette. However, the look of real diamonds is something that every woman can appreciate.

    Heart of the Ocean

    In the late 1990’s there was no movie more popular than Titanic. When thinking of the movie, the necklace “The Heart of the Ocean” will almost always come to mind. The idea of the necklace was created for the movie and was inspired by the famous Hope Diamond. Eventually, a “real” Heart of the Ocean was created and worn to the Oscars by the actress who played the older version of Rose from Titanic. This piece inspired many sapphire and diamond pieces in the late 90’s, many of which are still popular today.

    Thinking back, you will remember there are many other popular Hollywood jewels too. It can be a lot of fun to search vintage and used jewelry to find pieces that remind you of some of your favorites. If you’re interested in selling or buying high-end estate jewelry pieces, Roy Herlz Fine Diamonds & Estate Jewelry of New York is a great place to shop. Browse some of the finest pieces available anywhere and perhaps you’ll find YOUR signature piece.


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